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All About Trees

Leaf Collage & Identification Cards


Dive into this study of trees and leaves by embarking on an outdoor exploration! Before heading out, pack up your tote bag with the magnifying glass and our two identification guides. You might also want to bring along a few favorite art materials and a nature journal to sketch your findings.

Take a leaf walk around your neighborhood and see how many kinds of trees and leaves you can find. Be sure to gather a collection of leaves to bring home, press, and add to your leaf collage.

As you locate different types of trees in your area, even if you can’t identify them on the guide, ask your child to think about how the trees are alike and how they are different. We suggest stopping by a favorite tree, sitting underneath it, and enjoying the sights and sounds!

Note: When learning about trees, it’s important to understand that there are 4 different types of trees: deciduous and evergreen (whose classification is based on leaves) and angiosperms and gymnosperms (whose classification is based on seeds). Our tree and leaf identification guides focus on deciduous trees that are found in temperate climates, and all of them are angiosperms except for the gingko. 


From Your Kit:

  1. Kraft Tree Collage (printable version on white, on printable version on kraft)
  2. Tree Guide (printable version)
  3. Leaf Guide (printable version)
  4. Tote Bag
  5. Magnifying Glass

You Provide:

  1. Glue: Glue Stick or Liquid Glue & Brush

Optional Add-Ons:

  1. Nature Journal
  2. Crayon Rocks or Colored Pencils


Books to Inspire

  1. The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-Ups by Gina Ingoglia
  2. A Little Guide to Trees by Charlotte Voake 
  3. My Leaf Book by Monica Wellington

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