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Playful Learning brings education to life by sharing inspiring little lessons through our subscription kits, online membership, and brick and mortar studio.



Playful Learning was founded by award-winning educator and author, Mariah Bruehl in 2008, as an online resource for children, parents, and teachers.

Playful Learning Studio opened its doors in the spring of 2015 in the village of East Hampton, and provides educational enrichment to children, ages 18 months to 6 years. Students receive personalized instruction, in an optimal learning environment, that furthers the interests of the child and the goals of the parents. Engaging lessons, access to the finest materials, and highly individualized instruction offer children life-changing experiences and provide parents an inside glimpse into how their child learns best. 

In addition to our brick and mortar preschool, our comprehensive early childhood curriculum is available to parents, homeschoolers, and teachers through our online membership, which launched in the fall of 2017. Having merged both worlds, we are now able to share the research and curriculum development taking place in the studio with people around the world.

We are excited to announce our newest offering, and first physical product, our Do-It-Together Kits which bring the magic of Playful Learning right to your doorstep.

Our Team

Mariah Bruehl

Founder & CEO

Nicole Clevenger

Curriculum Director

Miranda Edwards

Creative Director

Casey Arden

Graphic Designer

Holly Mittelstaedt

Curriculum Assistant

Kristen Dimitriades

Curriculum Assistant

Our Contributors

Jacki Schulze

Studio Director

Mary Brady

Studio Associate Director

Megan Payne

Primary Lab Head Teacher

Leanna Pascual

Beginner & Toddler Lab Head Teacher

Isabella Facendola

Beginner & Toddler Lab Head Teacher

Kelsey Hubbard

Beginner & Toddler Lab Head Teacher

Leah Bugante

Beginner & Toddler Lab Assistant Teacher

Deanna Iwanyckyi

Beginner & Primary Lab Assistant Teacher

Kate Walker

Primary Lab Assistant Teacher

Arlene Pizzo

Toddler Lab Head Teacher