All About Trees

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Getting Started
Leaf Collage & Identification Cards

Go for a walk and identify different types of trees and leaves; then come home and make a collage using the leaves you collected

Thankful Tree

Establish a habit of mindfulness and discover the art of gratitude by crafting a beautiful tree filled with all the things for which you are grateful

Parts of a Tree Wall Hanging

Build scientific vocabulary and observation skills by learning how to identify the different parts of a tree

Play Mat & Maker Cards

Inspire creativity and imagination with our tree-themed play mat and set of maker cards, which gives step-by-step directions for making a ladybug, bird, squirrel, and nest out of play dough

Family Tree

Discuss the concept of a family and add family members' names and portraits to the tree

Gifts from a Tree

Discover the many ways that trees contribute to our environment by placing each gift on top of the matching image

Seasonal Tree Scavenger Hunts

Explore the outdoors and hone in on those observation skills by noticing how trees change during different parts of the year

Tree of Life Watercolor Painting

Find out what a tree's growth rings tells us about its unique history and then create your own rings to document the important events in your life

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  • 9 Lessons