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Back to School: Teaching Healthy Habits

It’s more important than ever to explicitly teach children healthy habits so that they have the tools needed to stay vibrant and strong.

We suggest you begin creating healthy routines by teaching and modeling how to:

  • Wash hands with soap and water
  • Blow nose, throw away the tissue, then wash hands
  • Cough into an arm
  • Wear a face mask, if applicable, over the nose and mouth

Once you’ve taught these routines, practice, practice, and practice some more!

Teach children this fun, 20-second song that helps them practice all the steps needed to thoroughly clean their hands.

Download our Sing + Clean printable and have children match the cut outs directly on top of the master. Discuss each step and sing the song together. Then hang up the finished product in the bathroom as a nice reminder when they go wash their hands.

Add to the hand washing experience by making homemade soap! You’ll need the following ingredients: glycerin, vegetable cutter, and a mold. You might also want some essential oil (lavender is our favorite) and some small gems or plastic toys to drop into the soap.

Once you’ve gathered your materials:

  1. Cut glycerin into small pieces. We love using this vegetable cutter which is perfect for tiny hands and helps build fine motor practice!
  2. Heat the pieces in a microwaveable measuring cup for about 30 seconds and add in a few drops of an essential oil if desired.
  3. Pour the liquid into the mold. If you want to add any trinkets, fill the mold about halfway, drop in the items, and then cover them up with more liquid glycerin.
  4. Finally, let your soap cool for about an hour. Put it in your bathroom, along side the Sing + Clean chart, to practice those hand washing skills! Or put a few bars in these small bags to give away to family and friends. 

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