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Summer Bucket List

It’s June, which means that your children are either wrapping up their school year or have already celebrated the last day of school. Yay for summer!

As adults, we often remember the long summer days of our own childhoods – going to the pool or running through the sprinkler, playing games outside, taking leisurely bike rides around the neighborhood, or catching fireflies at dusk. Summer is a wonderful time for children to experience these same joyful feelings. 

We’d love to help you launch this special time together by creating a Summer Bucket List inspired by the book, Wallace’s Lists by Barbara Bottner.

  1. Print out our Summer Bucket List Cards and cut them apart. We’ve also included a page of blank cards for you to take dictation/write down ideas that might be special or unique to your family!
  2. Put the cards in a jar or a bucket, and pull one out when you feel inspired. There’s no need to feel pressured or rushed, and you certainly don’t need to do all of the cards – you can save some for next summer. But make sure to refer children back to the cards any time the dreaded word “bored” comes up!
  3. At the end of the summer, print out My Favorite Memories and ask your child to draw pictures of their favorite moments. What did they love doing the most this summer? 

We also love the idea of adding the year to your end-of-summer bucket list drawing and then doing it all over again next year! What a beautiful reminder of your child’s summers, and you’ll be able to see how your own family’s interests and activities change over time. 

Here’s to making memories, connecting as a family, and experiencing a joyful and very playful summer with your children

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