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10 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom


Randi from Swoon is with us today with a lovely list of activities that we can share with our children during these precious summer months…

Having the children at home during the summer is a special treat, but I think we can all admit that certain days are more challenging than others. When boredom hits and the children start to complain, or worse yet, begin to get into trouble, it’s a great idea to have a list of new activities up your sleeve. We’ve been out of school for about a month now here and I’m starting to hear the familiar proclamations of “There’s nothing to do!” and “Can I just watch more TV?” I came up with a list of new to us activities recently that I can’t wait to try. I thought I would share them here because chances are you’ve hit the same point in your house (or you will soon). All of these activities can be done by toddlers and involve things you probably have in your house right now. Super easy, right?

10 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

1. Paint with Water. Yes, you read that right. Send them outside with containers of water and an assortment of brushes and let them have at it!  Paint on the porch, the sidewalk, and the outdoor toys. This can also be done on a chalkboard. {Photo credit}

2. Pencil Eraser Stamping. Press the bottom of a pencil eraser into a stamp pad and use it to make all sorts of art. You can make animal shapes, greeting cards, or your own wrapping paper. {Photo credit}

3. Play with your food. Make lunch or snack time fun by making faces, animals, or shapes out of your food. {Photo credit}

4. Mr. Printables. Got a printer and some paper? Visit the Mr. Printables website and browse all of the amazing and free printable projects, like these clever bird-finger puppets.

5. Make some Land Art. Gather natural materials from your yard or on a family walk. Use them to make fun designs on the ground. Find this photo and more inspiration here.

10 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

6. Set up a Miniature Scene. Grab a box or container and a few of your child’s favorite animals or small toys and set up a little scene. Make icebergs by freezing bowls of water and adding rocks for a North Pole scene. Or, use dried beans to make an interactive Construction Site scene.

7. Raid the Recycling Bin. A quick internet search will yield hundreds of ideas for cardboard and other things in your recycle bin. I love the simplicity of these hilarious monster feet-such a genius idea!

10 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

8. Grape and Toothpick Sculptures. How fun! You could also try using wooden skewers instead of toothpicks to make larger structures. The perfect just-before-snack activity.

9. Paint Rocks. Set up a workstation with newspaper, a pile of rocks, and some acrylic paint and painting supplies.

10. Practice Your Letters. Make your own simple letter activity using a shallow tray or box and salt. Find the instructions here.

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