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Real-Life Rules: A Young Person's Guide to Self-Discovery, Big Ideas, and Healthy Habits

By Mariah Bruehl

As our children journey into adolescence, their social worlds begin to expand. While we can’t protect them from what other people say or do, or paint them a picture of a perfect world, we can teach them how to handle themselves and difficult situations from the inside out.

Teens and tweens crave more autonomy, but they need guidance more than ever. By equipping children with a variety of methods for dealing with different scenarios, we can give them the tools they need to navigate through life. This book offers insights, practical advice, and concrete activities that will serve children well as they begin to find their way independently in the world, while at the same time helping parents to provide them with scaffolding to be safe, happy, and successful.

Through hands-on projects, vivid graphic printables, and interactive activities, Real-Life Rules brings the whole family to the table, offering opportunities to explore, discuss, and experience both the concrete and abstract concepts that are critical for living a meaningful, thoughtful life.

About the author

Mariah Bruehl has worked in the field of education for three decades

She has taught in the classroom, developed curriculum in many different subject areas, trained teachers, and implemented programs across many grade levels.



“I received this book as an advanced reader’s copy and I was longing for a book like this for our j nonfiction collection.

This book should be in ALL homes and should be a required book for schools. Bruehl explains each section with so much detail that it’s impossible not to follow. Also, I loved the acronyms Bruehl created using simple words such as THINK and LISTEN to correspond with each lesson.

Also, I LOVED the printouts Bruehl created for each chapter. They are welcoming, eye-catching and easy to follow and complete. I will most certainly be purchasing this book for our collection and will be sending out recommendations to our teachers and staff in the community.

I wish I could give more stars but I can only give 5 stars!”