Unit Content

Superhero Letter Mats

Ages 2 to 6: Practice letter formation and handwriting development with our superhero-themed capital letter mats

Superhero Yoga

Ages 2 to 6+: Practice yoga poses fit for a superhero

Super Rhymes

Ages 3 to 5: Identify rhyming words and sort pictures underneath each superhero action word

Superhero Basics

Ages 3 to 6: Learn to understand the underlying emotions, actions, and characteristics of superheroes by answering basic questions about them which will hopefully spark meaningful conversations in the home or classroom

If I Were a Superhero

Ages 3 to 6: Using playful sentence starters, children create their own superhero and then draw and/or write about this new character

Design Your Own Costume

Ages 3 to 6+: Design a creative costume, complete with logo and mask, that will help identify your superhero

What Does a Superhero Eat?

Ages 3 to 6+: Learn about making healthy food choices while designing a menu and writing a recipe that will boost your hero's specific superpowers

Superhero Number Roll

Ages 3 to 6+: Tailor this math lesson to fit a variety of needs whether it be supporting number identification, one-to-one correspondence, addition, subtraction, or problem solving

My Superpower

Ages 3-6+: Learn about 'super' character traits, including courage, kindness, determination, and confidence, then have children identify and write about their own superpower

Word Power!

Ages 3-6+: Identify the difference between 'put-ups' and 'put-downs' and learn how to use your power of words in a positive way

My Hero

Ages 3-6+: Identify heroes in our community and in the world by exploring character traits, reading biographies, and writing about a personal hero

Leaping Over Tall Buildings

Ages 4 to 6+: Measure the height of each building using standard or non-standard units of measurement

DIY Comic

Ages 4 to 6+: Practice writing in a fun and creative way with these DIY comic strips and speech bubbles

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