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Baby Animal Puppets

Age 2 to 5: Engage in spring-themed dramatic play, and match baby animals to their parents, by creating playful puppets

Spring Babies Matching Cards

Ages 2 to 5: Identify how young animals resemble their parents by matching each baby animal to its mama

Spring Babies

Ages 2 to 5: Identify how baby animals change over time by matching each one to their adult counterpart

R is for Rabbit

Ages 2 to 5: Use dot markers to learn the letter R and its corresponding sound

How Many Bunnies?

Ages 2 to 5: Practice counting, one-to-one correspondence, and writing numerals

Spring Play Mat

Ages 2 to 6: Increase fine motor strength, inspire creative thinking, and allow time for spring-themed dramatic pla

Under My Umbrella

Ages 2 to 6: Design an umbrella fit for a rainy spring day

Spring Sequencing

Ages 2 to 6: Sequence events that happen before, during, and after spring

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Ages 2 to 6: Go outside to search for the sights and sounds of spring

Wind Walk

Ages 2 to 6: Discover the reason for springtime winds and document evidence of the wind blowing

Signs of Spring

Ages 2 to 6+: Develop the art of observation by encouraging children to notice the subtle changes that signify the start of spring

Tulip Patterns

Ages 3 to 5: Determine which colorful tulip comes next in the pattern

Spring Babies Writing Practice

Ages 3 to 5: Build fine motor and pre-handwriting skills by tracing lines to match the baby animal to its parent

Spring Letter Cards

Ages 3 to 5: Identify beginning letter sounds of springtime objects

Spring Letter Match

Ages 3 to 6: Build vocabulary and phonics skills by identifying letters of the alphabet and connecting the letters to beginning sounds in words

Spring Count and Match

Ages 3 to 6: Count the number of objects in each set of objects and draw a line to the numeral that matches the quantity

Spring I Spy

Ages 3 to 6: Count the springtime items and circle the correct numeral or organize the data into a bar graph

Shapes of a Flower

Ages 3 to 6: Look for the shapes found in springtime flowers

Spring Senses

Ages 3 to 6: Investigate the beauty of spring using all five senses

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