Unit Content

Toucan Do-A-Dot

Ages 2 to 4: Support hand-eye coordination and hand dexterity while identifying and naming the colors of a toucan

G is for Gorilla

Ages 2 to 5: Use dot markers to learn the letters G, S, and T as well as their corresponding sounds

Rainforest Play Dough Mats

Ages 2 to 6: Increase fine motor strength, inspire creative thinking, and allow time for dramatic play

Air Plants

Ages 2 to 6+: Grow and care for your own air plant, similar to one that can be found in a tropical rainforest

Rainforest Animals Three Part Cards

Ages 3 to 6: Expand vocabulary and support language development while learning about different types of animals that live in the rainforest

Rainforest Letter Match

Ages 3 to 6: Build vocabulary and phonics skills by identifying letters of the alphabet and connecting the letters to beginning sounds in words

Tree Frog Number Jump

Ages 3 to 6: Practice identifying numerals 1-20 while building fine motor skills

Rainforest Animal Count and Graph

Ages 3 to 6: Count the rainforest animals before organizing the data into a bar graph

Animal Size Comparisons: Rainforest

Ages 3 to 6: Visualize the size of different rainforest animals and sort them by whether or not they could fit inside the palm of your hand

Rainforest: How Do You Measure Up?

Ages 3 to 6+: Practice measurement skills by comparing the length of your handprint to that of an orangutan's handprint

How Many Can You Hold?

Ages 4 to 6: Develop an awareness of size and see just how small some rainforest animals are by estimating how many would fit inside the palm of your hand

Actual Size: Rainforest Animals

Ages 4 to 6+: Use these cards to build mathematical vocabulary and investigate the actual sizes of different rainforest animals

All About the Rainforest

Ages 4 to 6+: Learn more about the rainforest by gathering interesting facts and sharing the information with others

Rainforest: Life in the Layers

Ages 4 to 6+: Identify the animals that live in each of the four layers of the rainforest

Layers of the Rainforest Flip Book

Ages 4 to 6+: Practice writing skills while investigating the four layers of the rainforest

Word Search

Ages 4 to 6+: Build vocabulary, develop word recognition, and practice spelling with our rainforest animal word search

Butterflies of the Rainforest

Ages 5 to 6+: Discover eight different species of rainforest butterflies and measure the actual length of their wingspans

Rainforest Arrays

Ages 6+: Build mathematical skills by practicing the concepts of repeated addition and multiplication while reinforcing the types of animals that are found within each layer of the rainforest

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