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Hummingbird Match

Ages 2 to 4: Build visual discrimination skills by looking for similarities among the pictures and finding each hummingbird's identical match

Life Cycle of a Honeybee

Ages 3 to 6: Sequence the stages of a honeybee's life from egg to adult while also practicing letter formation and handwriting skills

Types of Bees

Ages 5 to 6+: Observe and describe the characteristics of four different types of bees

Pollinator Pairings

Ages 3 to 6: Match each species of pollinator to the flower they pollinate

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

Ages 2 to 6+: Find out what types of flowers hummingbirds are attracted to and make a simple recipe for sugar water

Pollinator Pairs Writing Practice

Ages 3 to 5: Build fine motor and pre-handwriting skills by tracing lines to match the pollinator to the correct flower

What Happens During Pollination?

Ages 4 to 6+: Understand what happens during the process of pollination by sequencing four simple events

Count and Pollinate Cards

Ages 2 to 5: Understand how pollen grains are transferred from flower to flower during pollination while practicing math skills and building fine motor control

How Honeybees Make Honey

Ages 5 to 6+: Build scientific vocabulary and practice reading, writing, and spelling skills while also learning how honey is made

Honeybees Can

Ages 5 to 6+: Fill in the chart to compile information about honeybees

Honeybee Duties

Ages 5 to 6+: Compare the duties of the queen, the workers, and the drones in a honeybee colony

Count the Pollinators

Ages 2 to 5: Practice counting, one-to-one correspondence, and identifying quantities while building fine motor skills

Explore with Us: Pollinators

Use this handy guide, which contains direct links to suggested lessons, to help organize your child's exploration of Pollinators

How Many Fireflies?

Ages 2 to 5: Practice counting and writing numerals by catching fireflies in a jar or helping them pollinate a sunflower

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