Light and Shadows

Unit Content

Sun Rays

Ages 2 to 4: Practice fine motor skills by cutting along the lines of the sun's rays

Match the Shadows

Ages 2 to 4: Match objects to their corresponding shadow

D is for Day

Ages 2 to 5: Use dot markers to learn the letters D and N as well as their corresponding sounds

Day and Night Play Mat

Ages 2 to 5: Increase fine motor strength, inspire creative thinking, and allow time for dramatic play

Day and Night

Ages 2 to 5: Sort a collection of pictures to match the time of day

Does it Make Light?

Ages 2 to 5: Expand vocabulary and support language development by determining which objects make light and which don't

Shadowy Shapes

Ages 2 to 5: Identify shapes and practice visual discrimination skills by matching each outline to its corresponding shadow

Shadow Matching

Ages 2 to 5: Look for similarities among objects and find each one's matching shadow

Animal Shadow Match

Ages 2 to 5: Match daytime and nighttime animals to their corresponding shadow

Shadow Scavenger Hunt

Ages 2 to 5: Hunt for outdoor shadows

How Many Rays?

Ages 2 to 5: Practice counting, one-to-one correspondence, and matching numerals to a given quantity

Daytime and Nighttime Animals

Ages 2 to 6: Sort a collection of animals by whether they are awake and active during the daytime or during the nighttime

Shadow Count and Graph

Ages 2 to 6: Count the shadows and organize the data into a bar graph

Shadow Writing Practice

Ages 3 to 5: Build fine motor and pre-handwriting skills by tracing lines to match the objects to the correct shadow

Trace a Shadow

Ages 2 to 6+: Make and trace a shadow and discover how the position of a light source changes the size and direction of a shadow

Types of Light

Ages 3 to 6: Learn the difference between natural and artificial light sources by sorting a collection of pictures into the correct category

Light Letter Match

Ages 3 to 6: Build vocabulary and phonics skills by identifying letters of the alphabet and connecting the letters to beginning sounds in words

Count the Shadows

Ages 3 to 6: Support mathematical skills including counting, cardinality and number formation by filling in the missing numbers from 1-20

Light Vocabulary Cards

Age 3 to 6+: Build science vocabulary while encouraging spelling practice, handwriting and proper letter formation

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