Art and Artists

Unit Content

Brushstrokes: Longer or Shorter?

Ages 2 to 4: Determine which of the brushstrokes is longer and which is shorter

A is for Artist

Ages 2 to 5: Use dot markers to learn the letters A and P as well as their corresponding sounds

Monet Play Mats

Ages 2 to 5: Increase fine motor strength, inspire creative thinking, and discover the works of Claude Monet

Warm and Cool Color Match

Ages 2 to 5: Recognize warm and cool colors by matching objects to the color wheel

More Than or Less Than

Ages 2 to 5: Compare each set of artists' supplies to determine which has more and which has less

Artist Shapes

Ages 2 to 6: Learn about one element of art, shape, by identifying and tracing common two dimensional shapes

Warm or Cool Sort

Ages 2 to 6: Sort a collection of colorful objects according to whether they are warm or cool colors

Warm and Cool Color Wheel

Ages 2 to 6+: Identify warm and cool colors on the color wheel and explore how artists use them in their work

Working with Clay

Ages 2 to 6+: Explore different techniques for working with clay

Complete the Artist’s Pattern

Ages 3 to 5: Determine which color comes next in the colorful pattern

Palette Patterns

Ages 3 to 5: Determine which color comes next on the artist's palette

Artist Counting Cards

Ages 3 to 5: Build early math skills by counting a small set of artist's supplies and identifying the matching numeral

Artist Count and Write

Ages 3 to 5: Count the number of items and write in the correct numeral

Kusama Count and Write

Ages 3 to 6: Count to 20 with Yayoi Kusama's polka dots

Kusama Count and Build

Ages 3 to 6: Count out the corresponding number ofdots in the style of Yayoi Kusama

Mannequin Sketch

Ages 3 to 6+ Practice observational drawing and learn how to draw the human form

Paul Klee: Lines and Dots

Ages 4 to 6+: Explore color and create a design, inspired by Paul Klee, using only lines and dots

Klee Painting

Ages 4 to 6+: Use a ruler to make a variety of straight lines and create a colorful piece of art inspired by Paul Klee

Henri Matisse: The Shapes of Matisse

Ages 4 to 6+: Practice Matisse's style of 'drawing with scissors' while learning the difference between geometric and organic shapes

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