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How Do You Feel Today?

Ages 2 to 5: Explore emotions through fine motor work, creativity, imagination, and lots of play

Cookie Jar Letters

Ages 2 to 5: Work on early literacy skills by having children identify and name the letters in their name

Wheel of Emotions

Ages 2 to 6: Teach children how to better understand the facial expressions that go with each emotion and prompt discussions about their feelings

Emotion Match

Ages 2 to 5: Expand vocabulary and build visual discrimination skills while learning how to name, express, and positively manage a wide range of emotions

The Best Part of Me

Ages 2 to 6+: Celebrate self-esteem, body image, and diversity with this lesson based on the book, The Best Part of Me by Wendy Ewald

Name Banner

Ages 2 to 6+: Identify letters of the alphabet, and recognize the letters in a name, by creating a personalized name banner

All About Me

Ages 2 to 6: Invite children to talk about themselves and learn more about others

My Birthday

Ages 2 to 6: Practice counting, connect written numerals to quantities and learn the months of the year all while talking about this special day

Months of the Year

Ages 2 to 6+: Teach children how to recognize, sequence, and write the names of the months

Things I Like

Ages 2 to 5: Practice fine motor skills by making a collage of favorite things

Emotions Three Part Cards

Ages 3 to 6: Expand vocabulary and support language development while identifying different emotions and connecting them with everyday experiences

I Can Write My Name

Ages 3 to 6: Add some playfulness to name writing practice by using a variety of writing tools

Who I Am

Ages 2 to 6: Learn about character traits and similes while building self-confidence and self-acceptance

Play Dough Self Portrait

Ages 2 to 6+: Increase fine motor strength, build observational skills and inspire creative thinking by creating a self-portrait out of play dough

My Phone Book

Ages 3 to 6+: Practice number recognition and formation while creating a personalized phone book with the phone numbers of family members and friends

Letters in My Name

Ages 3 to 6: Letter recognition, counting practice, and one-to-one correspondence all rolled into one lesson

My Fingerprints

Ages 2 to 5: Learn how people are unique just by observing their fingerprints

Name Garden

Ages 3 to 6: Support literacy development, practice letter identification, build visual discrimination skills and sneak in some fine motor work by creating a name garden

All About Me Bag

Ages 2 to 6+: Fill a bag with three special items to show what is most important to you

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