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Post Office Invitation

Setting up a post office invitation is a playful way to enrich your child’s writing, language, and communication development, and it’s especially useful around holidays like Valentine’s Day or after a birthday when your child is writing thank you cards. In addition, post office play can easily branch into other subjects like math, geography, and environmental studies.

Post Office Invitation

Here is a list of props that you may want to include in your child’s post office:

  • Mailbox: Make your own from a cardboard box or purchase a mini metal mailbox from a craft store, dollar store or online.
  • Envelopes, writing paper, cards, postcards: Make your own homemade cards, use our letter writing paper, or purchase pre-made envelopes/cards or postcards.
  • Stamps, mailing labels, air mail stickers: These can be found at your post office.
  • Address book, map/globe/atlas: Set out these tools that we can use to locate where the person we are mailing a letter to lives. 
  • Pretend play postal uniform: Don’t forget to create a name tag!
  • Post Office signs: Open, Closed, Mail Here, Postage Costs, etc: This is great for writing practice.
  • Coins, cash register: Ring in the math practice!
  • Scale, tape measure: Introduce measuring skills in a meaningful way.
  • Clocks: Post offices often have clocks set to times all over the world. Have children label the location on a sign below each clock.
  • Pens, notepads, post it notes, date stampstamp making sets and ink: These are all of the “extras” that kids love to play with!
Post Office Invitation

Other ways to support learning:

  • Teach your child his/her address.
  • Make your own stamps by cutting small drawings with fancy edge scissors.
  • Weigh and measure packages.
  • Reduce junk mail by looking into a no junk mail program in your area.
  • Start a stamp collection.
  • Visit your local post office or your country’s postal system website.
  • Share old postcards from your own travels and look up the various locations on a map.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of electronic mail verses paper mail.

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