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Outdoor Adventure Kit

Summer is here and we are so eager to embark on the great outdoors! So, we are sharing our Playful Learning outdoor adventure kit with playful picks that we’ve enjoyed throughout the years. It’s helpful to keep it all packed and ready-to-go so you can grab it on a moment’s notice. Having these simple tools handy can change an ordinary day at the  park into an exciting scientific adventure!

  1. Field Bag – This light and nimble field bag has different compartments that are perfect for keeping supplies organized and easily accessible.
  2. Binoculars – Child sized binoculars are wonderful for discovering birds and nests in trees, and anything else that captures your attention along the way.
  3. Bird Call – This simple bird call is great for getting the attention of local birds. Don’t forget to bring bird food for your feathered friends!
  4. Magnifying Glass – A magnifying glass is definitely a must for those moments when you want to observe that Dandelion a bit more closely, identify the veins on a leaf, or inspect that newly discovered rock.
  5. Child-Friendly Field Guide – Choose a field guide that reflects your local area for learning about the native trees, flowers, birds, insects, etc. in your neighborhood.
  6. BugView Catcher – Best invention ever! I first discovered this bug catcher when I was teaching in the classroom and wanted to be able to gracefully handle the unexpected bug or spider. This bug catcher enables you to collect bugs without harm, observe them through the built in magnifier, and safely return them to their natural habitat. Every home and classroom needs one!
  7. Nature Journal – We love these small, blank notebooks for the spontaneous observational drawing or the impromptu haiku poem.
  8. Nature Fundana – These great Fundanas are available for multiple topics, contain great facts, and offer fun games-on-the-go.
  9. Colored Pencils – To add an inspiring dose of color to your nature journal!
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Playful Learning Field Guides

Grab these handy field guides on your way to park or walk around the block. Add a basket for collecting and a magnifying glass for observing you are set for a memorable outdoor adventure