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Collaborating with Nature

It started with a stick, “Mummy wouldn’t this stick make a great tree house?…It’s a great shape, but it’s a bit small.” My five year old son wondered to himself how he could make this stick into a tree house… “What if we drew a tree house on top of the stick?” I suggested. He looked a little puzzled at first but then became very excited once I explained.

Collaborating with Nature

When you start looking around at all the differently shaped leaves, sticks and flowers in our yards, you can’t help but be inspired. A small round leaf could be a balloon, a long leaf could be a boat sailing on gentle seas or a snippet from a pine tree could be beautiful Christmas tree.

The tree house was just the beginning. Soon we had pages of pictures, as each different leaf or petal inspired different creations. We wanted to keep them but sadly the transient nature of petals and leaves means they will eventually wilt. For now we have pictures to remember them by.

Collaborating with Nature

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